Food at The Lab Kitchen is meant to be cozy and collective.

We focus on fresh seasonal vegetables for our dishes, and although we also serve a small selection of meat and fish, we prefer to make the greens the star of the show.

We see ourselves as a classy canteen and do our very best to create a community feeling. Our meals are meant to be healthy but not preachy – welcoming but varied. We choose seasonal products that excites us, and hopefully, will excite you as well. Whether it’s a twist on an old classic or our own little invention, we’re sure you’ll put together a plate you enjoy.

We create meals all throughout the day, so we’re here to help no matter if you’re in for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a snack. Our down-to-earth dishes feel both familiar and spark curiosity, so you’ll certainly find something you already adore and discover new things to fall in love with. Our menu changes every day, so there’s plenty of reason to swing by again and again.