Food at The Lab Kitchen is meant to inspire our guests to eat greener.

We are always making fresh, seasonal vegetables the core of our dishes. And when we serve meat, it’s either sprinkled on top or served as side dish.

Our greens and meat come from different, local farms in Denmark. Small, regional suppliers provide us with fresh, seasonal and organic vegetables, and often we assemble our menu according to whatever ingredients we get.

We collect ingredients in the forest, and our meat and fish are always local and labelled according to the best standards – and so is our natural wine.

Our director and chef, Mikkel Karstad has set our team of people and chefs from across the world, who both share his food philosophy and bring new, exciting skills and flavours to the table.

From 12.00-14.00 pm, we’re serving our collective lunch – which changes every day. Or you can always get a sandwich if you like a smaller meal.